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Discover the taste of the Caribbean with our gift baskets!

Our exclusive line takes you on a journey of Hispañola through the sweet, bold and spicy flavors of the region. Indulge friends, family members, co-workers, employees or treat yourself!

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island bites logoYour source for comprehensive information and interesting tidbits on island cuisine! Learn about your favorite foods, kitchen tools and best resources to get them. So don't worry if you don't know how to cook that natural chocolate bar, or if you think a plantain press is a new dry clean technique. We'll get you up to speed in just one bite!

The Plantain Press

plantain press The plantain press, also known as tostonera, banana smasher, plantain smasher, and pese-banane, is a tool used to make tostones (banane pesee). It is usually wooden but there are also metal and plastic versions. The plantain press can be found at any supermarket, ethnic food store, or online.

At Goupa'm, the plantain press is offered in the Choucoune and Quisqueya baskets



Using a plantain press is very easy. Simply put a small piece of plantain in the area provided and press. That's it. You now have a perfect tostone.

Say goodbye to paper bags, aluminum cans, or plantain peels to smash your tostones. This tool provides a fast and efficient way create something special in your kitchen!


tostones©Hector Rodriguez

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